Got To Say: Chipmunk

I have got to say that after going to a music seminar called Access All Areas on the 20th April held in LDN, I was impressed by London rapper Chipmunk. The guy is 20 and I think he came off really well at the event – he was one of many speakers on two panels of people already in the creative industries giving advice to people who are looking to be…

The event was at City Hall and I think it was a good effort on behalf of the organisers Rhythm of London in association with Small Green Shoots. I (kinda sadly) have been to many of these events and was pleased by this one. I think most of the people who attended with me got something out of it too, which is always good.

Although now I am lot more balanced I have been pushing my creative endeavors for many years – since I was a puppy, I have been rejected more times than Solange Knowles – and for a while I actually owned property at a place called Rock Bottom. So when people step to me with advice, I am always kinda strict with what I accept which is why Chipmunk pleased me.

I don’t really listen to him much, but he came off very earthy – authentic and not up his own ass. Maybe I am speaking too soon but I like to think I am good judge of character.

I want to shout Charlie Sloth too, who also said what I believed the people needed to hear about the grind.


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