What I Think About: Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

American recording superstar Beyoncé has just let loose a brand new single off her forthcoming album, the single is called Run The World (Girls) and so far the response has not been great from what I have seen online. I really like “alternative” Grammy winning artist M.I.A (can’t wait to write about her) and so I am familiar with the producer Diplo and all he stands for and was happy to see him on some creative duties on the track.

Bey definitely understands that nowadays if you stay away from the music game for too long then you run the risk of being very much over – I don’t mind Ms. Knowles and am fairly indifferent to her and her music. I don’t think her last few albums have been spectacular as whole products but I am going to listen to this new track…for the first time – right now…

—- The track didn’t really do anything for me immediately BUT I have to say that when worldwide smash hit “Single Ladies” came out, everyone said it was a rehash of a previous Beyoncé album track called “Get Me Bodied” – until the music video came out and the rest is history so maybe the response will be more positive when the music video dropsand we get to see the song in context?


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