What I Think About: Lily Allen: From Rags To Riches

Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags follows pop star Allen has she hangs up her microphone to begin working on a new creative venture with her sister Sarah Owen.

The three-part documentary/reality show starts with cameras following Lily at one of her final gigs and then continues to track the girls as they open a shop in the heart of the West End called Lucy in Disguise.  It seems Allen always had the passion for fashion, and is now looking to invest her pop star money (which really must have been a LOT by the sounds of it) into this clothes shop.

I found the series interesting as I have always been interested in creative business and for anyone who is also – I think you will get something out of the this short but sweet show. We get to meet the sisters who are naturally pretty different and haven’t always got along…

We follow them negotiate contracts, take out loans, search for a suitable shop location and find out that all Lily ever really wanted was a family, kids and a house in the country to call her own. The show also captures Lily and the people around her during her miscarriage –which is obviously heartbreaking to watch. I think Sarah comes off particularly well throughout the whole series, which may be because we literally get to see a woman evolve into her next chapter in front of our eyes – after years of working in a nightclub and being cast off as the fickle one by the family – she now finds herself in charge of the finances…

For anyone who missed the initial run on Channel 4, the series is all over the Internet so give it a quick Google search. 4oD online has the shows posted on YouTube…http://www.youtube.com/4oDEntertainment


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