Perfect, Perfect, Perfect: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

I am not sure why but Singer/Songwriter Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” is at number 4 in the UK Official Charts. Apparently it has something to do with someone on Britain’s Got Talent covering the song.

This song came out on the year I was born and for me it’s one of my favorite songs ever made because everyone can relate…well, every one who has ever been poor and wanted better for themselves…it is just what music should be and sound like.

I love being able to talk about someone like her and feel current – I don’t think many songs could chart like this 23 years later and I think that if you are in music or want to be… I would ask you to look at this song closely and to try and take your stuff to the same place of authenticity and simplicity.

47-year-old Chapman was born in Cleveland, Ohio and even though she was poor like much of the community at that time she still continued to play and write music and was writing her first pieces by the age of 8. In 1988 after initially touring in an attempt to build a fan base, she played “Fast Car” at Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute Concert in Wembley Stadium and the rest is history.

Nowadays, still playing and living in San Francisco she performs to a smaller devoted audience and is regularly seen strumming away at charity events. A few years ago she released her eighth studio album “Our Bright Future” to much acclaim.

I am not one of those people that fear change – because I feel much good music is being made now. But I really hold songs like this in reverence.

SO – Ignore fads, look within – make your music and keep it moving – always. That way in 23 years you can guarantee they will still be playing your shit on the radio.


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