What I Think About: Adam Sandler

So, over Easter of course I’ve had way too much time on my hands and after previously going through some of the movies of American comedian Will Ferrell – and lovin’ The Other Guys, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Megamind, Stepbrothers and Blades of Glory. I decided this time to go through a few films featuring Adam Sandler.

I haven’t really watched many comedies over the last decade; I was always into the harder hitting stuff (like Crash, 2004 for example), which is why I am having a comedy renaissance at the moment.

So far from Sandler I have seen two movies: Funny People, 2009 and the reason for this post Just Go With It, which was put out a little earlier this year. Funny People has Judd Apatow on writing and directing duties, and for some reason I really like a lot of what this guy puts out. He was roommates with Sandler at some point, and he includes home videos of that time together at the beginning of this film. He has also contributed to numerous blockbusters like Get Him To the Greek, Pineapple Express and his breakout picture The 40 Year Old Virgin.

However Just Go With It was the only movie – that I can recall – in which I stopped watching half way through. I like Jennifer Aniston – and who doesn’t? But by the time the lot of ‘em wanted to go to Hawaii I was outta there. The little girl with the English accent was kinda funny in a “pip, pip tally ho” kinda way for like 15 minutes but how the US can get away with churning out stuff like this whilst paying Aniston $10 million a film…boggles. My. Mind.


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