My Heroin: Governor of Poker 2

Howdy, My Heroin at the moment is this poker game from Youda Games called Governor of Poker 2. This cutesy little game is the sequel to the massively successful but limited first installment, which went by the same name.

This time the game is tweaked, slicker, bigger and badder as you join the Wild West’s best cowboys (and cowgirls) in the best Texas Hold ‘Em game out there at the moment. Even if you have never played the actual card game before this game will explain it to you in terms and on a level that even a beginner can grasp and yet still hams it up for the veterans. The game is cartoonish in design, but make no mistake underneath that shell is a game that sees your character going hard to take over Texas in style.

You can borrow money from the local banks whilst at the same time working to keep your reputation up so that the other players fear you. You can even play to take ownership of the state’s public transportation so that when you use it to travel around towns, you don’t have to pay a thing.

Pitting you against a variety different opponents, offering you the chance to take over Texas by owning houses (earning a daily income off them) – and taking part in legendary tournaments in over 15 cites around the great state the game never slacks – you even get the chance to play members of the Notorious List…beating the Guv with a Straight has never really felt this good.

The title (available on PC and Mac) is the best selling game on the developer’s site ( at this point and has been for a while. You can find free, smaller versions of GoP all over the Internet on various game sites like


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