What I Think About: Insidious (No Spoilers)

I liked it. (No Spoilers here)

From the makers of Saw and Paranormal Activity we have Insidious – I’ve heard a lot about this movie and I have friends who keep going on about it but after seeing it myself – I gotta say I think it did the job. The reviews I’ve seen so far have been mixed but I think the film was solid and well…scary.

The film is being compared by some to a Spielberg written film called Poltergeist (which came out in 1982 starring JoBeth Williams, Heather O’Rourke and Craig T. Nelson) I’m no horror movie buff but I would be interested to see it to compare films.

Insidious revolves around a young couple and their children who have all just moved into a new house. One day their oldest son gets injured exploring their new residence and the boy is never quite the same.  Shortly after the boy falls into a coma and well…from then everything gets kinda fucked for the mother (played by Rose Byrne) as she begins to see things, and hear voices from inside the house…

The second half at times felt at times silly to me and began to remind me of the Saw series and those old Buffy episodes – the points that were scariest were the parts that were subtler, which are all contained in the first half with the unfolding of the horror with Byrne. I don’t agree with the bloggers who talk about general bad acting within the film, in that respect I thought the talent was more than enough to carry the picture – particularly Lin Shaye as Elise.

If you have some time to waste during the next Royal Wedding I would recommend this above average horror dealie.

Nice ending too.


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