Of Interest: 9/11 Documentaries

It really is not my intention to talk politics in any form on this blog, but I can’t ignore the Osama death that has been dominating the media lately. Apparently the topic has been featured in well over 74,000 blogs already so…

The above picture is pretty hot right now and is being called “iconic” and shows the President and Hillary Clinton among other members of the US office witnessing the Osama raid – and I have to agree that the image is incredibly strong – you really can see and feel the tension in the room. It’s the definitive fly-on-the-wall pic.

I will say that the first thought that flew through my mind when I heard the news that the 54-year-old Terrorist icon had been found and killed was, “Well, Obama will now definitely get his next four years”…I guess we will see about that.

The main reason for this post was to share some 9/11 documentaries that really got me thinking and feeling for the many people who lost their lives that day. For me – I just think that there are many ways to leave the Earth and in many ways. But to call a loved one knowing that your not going to make out of that plane – and then having the line cut off, or to be in a skyscraper feeling the impact of a commercial plane hit the building, and having the stairwells blocked – not even to mention the bravery of the servicemen and women and their sacrifice – It’s like whenever I try to rationalise the sheer terror of that act of Terrorism I am just HUMBLED.  To. My. Core. These were normal people.

I believe Bin Laden’s death is a form of justice, however I know that I will always be in awe of the strength of NY on that day.

There are many thought provoking 9/11 docs on 4oD Documentaries so do search for them – and here is just one http://www.youtube.com/show/phonecallsfromthetowers


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