Of Interest: Ross Kemp – Extreme World

I’m gonna try hard not to sound like a fanboy as I talk about actor, author and broadcaster Ross Kemp because in terms of investigative journalism this guy has a near idol like status for me.

So years ago Kemp became a household name starring in the popular longtime soap Eastenders as hard man Grant Mitchell and then managed to gravitate solidly into documentaries with “Ross Kemp on Gangs” on the UK’s Sky 1 channel to much success (receiving a BAFTA award in 2006 for Best Factual programming) and soon followed the series up with compelling shows from Afghanistan and the Amazon rainforest.

Now, the 46-year-old is back with Ross Kemp: Extreme World on Sky 1. The five part series sees the action man in Chicago shedding light on the city’s “Heroin Highway,” in Haiti picking up on the earthquake that devastated a nation and reporting from the UK in London on the capital’s underground sex trafficking business.

I always find his shows compelling and hard – however Kemp is always sympathetic and sensitive without any preachiness. More importantly, he always gets the story and knocks it out of the park. Extreme World highlights the plight of the people featured and really had me think long and hard about topics society tends not to face.


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