Got to Say: 150 Facebook Friends

Ooh Lord, it’s only a matter of time before I force myself into the entertainment industry one way or another – until then I want to comment on Facebook Depression.

It’s this condition where people begin to feel less than worthy for not having enough friends on Facebook, for anyone who does suffer from it – – I have linked from this blog an article which basically says that having more than 150 is poor quality control. You can Google “150 friends Facebook” and find many more articles on the subject.

I mean don’t get me wrong, like a normal man any chance I get to feel like King – I take – hence me going into media and (calling myself Pharaoh :P) but here’s what I know for sure in my twenties lol:

That there is always going to be someone out there that has “more” than you – at least that is what it is going to look like…so there is no point to trying to do what they do better than them or have more. Doing that, and building a personality off of that habit is the basis for a lot of the sadness on this planet. Nothing gets better when you do it so fuck it and do YOU – stop at NOTHING.

Freedom from FB Depression comes when you begin to stop looking at things/events/people outside of the self as a measure of inner self worth.

Like Aisleyne from Big Brother said “You bes kno’ yo’self!”…for real…


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