Got To Say: Ms. O

It’s actually kinda funny how one can stop giving a shit about one’s own blog – BUT I had to blog about Ms. O’s Departure. Today May 25th marks the end of 25 years of The Oprah Winfrey Show from which Winfrey will move on to her new network called OWN. I can say this about only Prince, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Madonna and Oprah – that I am happy to have been on the planet at the same time as them.

I hate it when people disrespect her. Take a quick look at the picture of her above…she is “The Dream” I can’t think of anyone that embodies that more so than this woman’s ascension from humble beginnings in the Deep South to international media mogul.

She began The Oprah Show in 1986 and instead of taking a regular wage, she invested in herself by taking a percentage of the show’s revenue as pay and then created her own production company Harpo. With the show’s unparalleled success this made Ms. O a lot of cash. The 57-year-old was the world’s first black billionaire and is still the only female black billionaire. “The Oprah Effect” hit the world of politics in 2007 when Obama’s popularity soared whilst running against Hillary Clinton after Oprah’s endorsement.

IMO her true power lies in understanding the power of the platform she had with her internationally syndicated show and using it serve a higher purpose.

I live a real life – and I think there is a difference between life being hard and life bringing you to your knees. Picture it – no one around you has the capacity to help you or enlighten you about what you’re going through but on your darkest night the black woman on TV one day says (and goes on to repeat) that in order to truly rebuild anew you must first be broken into a million little pieces  –

It helps.

The above is why she has a following – so I can say for myself and the countless others she has enlightened over the years…Farewell, thanks for everything…Here’s to the next chapter…


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