What I Think About: Blue Valentine

This is a nicely done independent movie – I saw it some time ago and liked it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes humble earthy drama.

The 2010 film – directed by Derek Cianfrance – starring 30-year-olds Canadian actor Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams tracks the development of a modern day relationship, through the good times and the bad…

I’ve never properly taken in Gosling before, and in this project he is likeable and does a great job – Williams has become a pretty solid actress herself this last decade and she continues to shine in this – even earning herself an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her performance – the film was shot some time ago, closer to the death of Heath Ledger… I kinda felt her “go there” and tap some of that grief for some of the harder scenes…

There’s a song on the Blue Valentine soundtrack that I cannot get out of my head, which I have posted here – BEWARE once you listen to it the song will take you whole – although yeah I admit…the song may resonate deeper after you’ve seen the movie.

“You and Me” is an old soul/doo-wop recording from years ago by Penny and the Quarters. It’s used memorably in the film and becomes the couples’ song.



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