Of In-ter-rest: The Nines (2007) (No Spoilers)

I wasn’t going to blog about The Nines because I thought this 2007 release was a little more niche. I can envision a lot of people “not getting it.”

Nevertheless this film hit me round the head, and again – I had never heard of it before but to honest with you lot; I am still thinking about even until now. I think I like the film because I totally get it. It’s definitely a lot less mainstream in terms of context.

The film stars 35 year old Ryan Reynolds who you guys may recognise from The recent Green Lantern dealie and a few romantic comedies over the last couple of years…Ick – I never knew before all of those projects he did this. The Canadian plays three roles in this movie; an actor, a television writer and a video-games designer.

Also playing three roles are Hope Davis and the charming Melissa McCarthy – Molly from TV show Mike and Molly – who really impressed me with her range here – from the razor sharp comedy of her first role to the dramatics of the last two she really pleased my inner critic. In fact, writer and director John August had her in mind when writing the script and observing McCarthy’s accomplished performance you can see why.

It’s hard to go into the plot without taking away from the experience – yeah it’s that kinda film. Deepness. Trippy. Jumpy. Think Black Swan. It’s hugely philosophical – there are undertones of religion, faith and spirituality set on a contemporary backdrop. The project has Sci-Fi elements, some mystery…let just say the movie explores how and why these three men are connected. I think because the movie is so subjective everyone’s feelings about it will be different. I have this spiritual element to my personality and so maybe this film just means that much more to me because of it…




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