So Perfect: Animal Kingdom (No Spoilers)

Gushing over films on the net can get ugly.

For me it’s important to blog about films that I love – number one; because it is easier and number two; because writing about shit I don’t like is a waste and the passion doesn’t come through so much. I also don’t like to write about films I feel people may know about already like X-Men: First Class or Harry Potter and the Golden Scrotum or whatever. None of the really big ones y’know?

So I have been watching some brill films recently during my down time but 2010’s Animal Kingdom is perfection. For me – there were just no flaws here.

Animal Kingdom is an Australian film centered around a family of criminally inclined men and their mother. We join Josh as his mother dies of a heroin overdose and is then sent to live with his Grandmother and her sons. He is dropped into this darker, desperate world almost overnight and the film explores themes of loyalty, crime and power.

The movie did great things for the Australian film scene winning numerous awards for the cast, which were ALL deserved. – David Michod (writer, director) is clearly some insane talent. The film introduces young actor James Frecheville as Josh – who I feel does a great job as the fish out of water who has lost so much – he is cautious, unsure and brooding…he is a real teen.  Some online voices are singling out his performance has wooden and lackluster but this is how a real teenage boy would act in this fucked up situation.

If I get started on the strength of seasoned actress Jacki Weaver’s unassuming, Oscar nominated iron lady performance as matriarch Janine in this I won’t stop and so I won’t. Ben Mendelsohn also commands screen time as “Pope”…I mean this guy really unravels during this flick….

Apparently Quentin Tarantino highlighted Animal Kingdom as his third favorite film from 2010, behind Toy Story 3 and The Social Network. So there you go…

Before my viewing I had never heard of this film before but – stop reading now and go watch this – seriously…


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