Got To Say: Lloyd – King Of Hearts

25 year old US R’n’B singer Lloyd has just released his awaited new album “King of Hearts.” Featuring collaborations with Andre 3000, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson and R.Kelly. Producer Polow Da Don – also serving as executive producer on the record – gave “King of Hearts” priority over his other projects when working on the LP and many are saying this record will be the one to lift him up over his contemporaries as he is widely known in most circles to be somewhat underrated by the industry.

Why is he underrated? Well – he has never had the songs Chris Brown has, has never had the song-crafting skill Ne-Yo has, has never had the charm Trey Songz has, he can’t dance like Derulo, he doesn’t have Bruno Mars’ earthy organic appeal or any of Miguel’s innovation…Plus coming from Irv Gotti’s now defunct Murder Inc. label which included the currently jailed and irrelevant Ja Rule and “Queen of 2001” Ashanti couldn’t have helped.

However Lloyd is clearly the last one standing and the reason I am bloggin about this album is because it was better than I thought it would be. Much Better.

Thanks to T-Pain and auto-tune, I won’t ever know if the vocals that impressed me so much on this album on songs like the single “Lay it Down” and “Stay” are enhanced and to what extent but this dude can sing…with skill which in 2011 is a rarity. The songs in general don’t immediately separate him from his peers but you can tell there is an artist with a gift slowly coming out of this guy. “Dedication To My Ex” with Andre is exciting and although “World Cry” is a very poor man’s “Heal The World” he clearly has a lot of support and so I am looking forward to his next move.


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