Of Interest: Lisa Kudrow – Web Therapy

My favourite “Friend” Lisa Kudrow has her own web comedy series which is now developed into a TV format. I’ve just started watching the web series and it stars 47-year old Kudrow as therapist Fiona Wallace who after a career in middle management in the finance world decides to become a therapist. However Wallace with no real credentials is not really concerned about the lives of others and just seeks to bring more attention and recognition to herself and her franchise via her vulnerable clients’ 3-minute web therapy sessions. She spends most of these sessions faking interest and interrupting her patients because feelings, dreams and stories are a big no-no for her…

I would personally say to people to stick with the web series because the TV version doesn’t work as well or have the same impact as the webisodes.  The webisodes feel like an experiment, more liberated, and you get to see Fiona’s vile persona without all the background fluff made to pad the character out which dominates the TV version.

The comedy on the web version is slow burning, razor sharp and awkward – similar to the tone of Kudrow’s short lived HBO series ‘The Comeback” – which many will tell you is genius. If you like your comedy instant, slap stick and more like “Funny or Die” or Adam Sandler then much of this show will bore you or fly over your head.

I always thought that Kudrow had a grip on comedy the rest of the cast of hit US Sitcom “Friends” couldn’t come close to mastering – except Matthew Perry of course.

So here is the original improvised web series, with each episode lasting about 6/7 minutes, Kudrow continues to shine with a selection of guest stars including Meryl Streep, Molly Shannon and Jane Lynch from Glee. Even Courtney Cox stars in a few…




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