Beyonce’s History Of Plagiarism In Pictures

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Beyonce’s ex-manager Matthew Knowles has called it “business” and music producer Bangladesh – who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Lil Wayne – has said that taking credit for work that you didn’t create is something only the big stars can do.

The Grammy Award winning maestro said last year, “It really doesn’t matter if Beyonce is actually sitting there physically writing the song. Even if she’s not, it don’t mean she can’t. She might not have the time. It doesn’t matter.”

He added, “The people outside looking in, they wanna know if she writes her own songs or if she ain’t. At the end of the day, she’s on a level where things are handed to her.”

In light of rapper Khia accusing Knowles of stealing the treatment from her ‘My Neck, My Back’ video and using it in her ‘Party’ music video, TaleTela has decided to take a look at the numerous attacks made against the singer in regards to the star’s choreography, promo material and music.

Relive Bey’s history of plagiarism in the gallery below…..

‘Party’ Video – Rapper Khia recently accused Beyonce of stealing concepts from the video for her hit ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick It) for the promo video for ‘Party’ taken from Knowles ‘4’ album. Enraged, the rapper tweeted, “Now how you going to hate on b*tch who got swagger jacked? Just know this I have SOMETHING real cute for Matthews daughter! #GETMONEYB*TCH.”(Credit:

‘Countdown’ Video – Earlier this year Beyonce was accused of plagiarism by a Belgian choreographer who claimed Knowles’ ‘Countdown’ video rips off a number of sequences of her work. Choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker told a Dutch blog: “I didn’t know anything about this. I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism” (Credit:

‘Run The World (Girls)’ – In February 2010, Italian singer, dancer, actress, and television host Lorella Cuccarini took the stage at the 60th Sanremo Music Festival in Italy and delivered a show before a white screen with digital accompaniments that drew undeniable comparisons to Beyonce’s Billboard Music Awards performance. (Credit:

‘If I Were A Boy’ – In late 2008 Knowles was accused of stealing ‘If I Were a Boy’ from upcoming singer BC Jean, the unsigned artist wrote on her MySpace, “I have been reading some of these comments and to set the record straight from the horse’s mouth – IF I WERE A BOY is my song; YES, I wrote this song; It is my story; a painful one, and the song is very dear to me. You can hear the original version on my myspace site.” Fox News later reported that Knowles and Jean had come to terms, although this has since been disputed. (Credit:

‘Ring The Alarm’ (MTV Performance) – Beyonce was attacked by fans of Janet Jackson over the onstage routine of ‘Ring The Alarm’ at the MTV Awards in 2006 as it seemingly resembled choreography from the video of Jackson’s landmark 80’s hit ‘Rhythm Nation.’ (Credit:

House Of Dereon Apparel – Earlier this year an Icelandic label called ‘E-label’ accused Knowles’ clothing line House of Dereon of copying their design for a pair of studded leggings. E-label claimed that Beyonce (pictured above with her fashion designer mother Tina) purchased an almost identical pair from their concession area in London’s Topshop in November 2010 before ripping off their design. (Credit:

‘At Last’ – Late singing legend Etta James attacked Knowles, after Beyonce ‘stole’ her trademark song without permission to sing for the President at his inaugural ball in 2008 saying, “You know, Your President, the one with the big ears – he ain’t my President – had that women singing for him at his Inaugural. She’s going to get her ass whooped. How dare Beyonce sing my song that I been singing forever.” (Credit:

‘Still in Love (Kissing You)’ – British singer/songwriter Des’ree took Knowles to court for copyright infringement over the use of her song ‘Kissing You’ for Beyonce’s track ‘Still in Love (Kissing You)’. Des’ree claimed Beyonce never got clearance to use the song on her bestselling ‘B’Day’ album. Due to the infringement case, re-issued versions of the album do not include the track. The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice in October 2007. (Credit: A. Miller/

‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ – Knowles was accused of theft for the similarities between the video for her 2008 hit ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ and the J-setting choreography for ‘Mexican Breakfast’, a 1969 routine choreographed by Bob Fosse. (Credit:

‘Cater 2 U’ – Back in 2004 a songwriter called Ricky Allen accused Beyonce of attaching her name to a song she didn’t write with the release of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Cater 2 U.’ Allen registered the copyright for ‘Cater 2 U’ with the Copyright Office/Library of Congress in 2000. In 2004, a former co-worker of Allen’s gained employment working with Beyonce’s singing group, Destiny’s Child – which led to the recording of the hit record. (Credit: Dimitri Halkidis/

‘Ego’ – Singer Chrisette Michelle has said that she wrote the R’n’B cut ‘Ego’ taken from Beyonce’s ‘I Am…’ project and that it was actually supposed to be recorded for her album, but she gave it to Beyonce – however the official song credits only include the names of producers Elvis Williams, Harold Lilly and…Mrs Beyonce Knowles.

‘Scared Of Lonely’ – Producer Rico Love has said it was him who did the songwriting for ‘I Am…’ track ‘Scared Of Lonely’ alongside Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles, Lashawn Daniels and Crystile, however Beyonce does actually appear along these names in the song-credits. (Credit:

‘Get Me Bodied’ – Numerous onlookers attacked the music video for Beyonce’s ‘Get Me Bodied’ as it seemed to include an exact replica of the choreography from ‘Rich Man’s Frug,’ the party sequence in ‘Sweet Charity’, which was directed and choreographed by Broadway mastermind Bob Fosse. (Credit: A. Miller/

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