Conrad Murray = SCAPEGOAT?

Latoya Jackson couldn’t help but contain her glee and shrieked has the guilty verdict was read out to Dr. Conrad Murray’s defence team, echoing the sentiments of the legions of fans outside the courtroom in LA she took to her Twitter account to write the word “VICTORY!!!!!!” and later added “Michael I love you and I will continue to fight until ALL are brought to justice!”

Internationally the ground level reaction to yesterday’s verdict against the 58-year old has repeatedly brought up the word Scapegoat. With followers claiming that justice has now been done in the name of Michael I wanted to take a look at the extent, if at all, Murray took the rap for a number of other contributors to the death of the King of Pop.

Those who’ve had financial dealings with the doctor over the years corroborate his long history of unpaid debts, lawsuits, and tax liens. According to reports it was the doctor’s money situation that led him to initially work with Michael after meeting the legend back in 2006. The pair became friends and by 2009 Jackson hired Dr. Murray to be his personal physician for $150,000 a month.

On June 25th 2009, sticking to his nightly routine the 50-year old entertainer, exhausted from a long rehearsal session at the Staples Center in Los Angeles returned home and attempted to get some precious rest. Jackson’s caregiver/doctor Murray hooked up his paying client to an IV in order to administer the Propofol and then gave Jackson Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety medicine, and Midazolam, a muscle relaxant. Murray then left his side to visit the bathroom for two minutes and returned to find MJ not breathing with a weak pulse.

In court and under oath Murray said that during his last days he had tried to wean the singer off Propofol because the sleep he was getting on the medication wasn’t natural and could be a hazard. Murray then said that the superstar told him in reply that he wanted to “go all the way” adding, “other doctors would do it.” Because Murray was actively reducing the dose of his medications due to his own concerns, Jackson was suffering from withdrawal from the drugs and as a side effect was further being kept awake.

Murray said in court last month, “[I] tried all night but nothing would work. Gave him Propofol just so he would get a couple of hours of sleep…I didn’t want to hurt him, he was my friend, didn’t want MJ to fail, I cared about his writing and his producing, I tried to wean him off, MJ was a bit restless but it was working.”

In court Dr. Christopher Rogers who conducted an autopsy on the star the day after the singer’s demise when asked about the manner of Jackson’s death, testified that it was a homicide. Rogers insisted that Propofol was not necessary and that because the care took place outside of a hospital or clinic the proper equipment to be used with Propofol was not there adding, “Murray administered too much Propofol…Murray was estimating the doses [and] accidentally gave too much.” Murray was stony faced and compliant as he was shackled and is due to be sentenced later this month.

However before the verdict was announced many people asked if Murray would have even seen court if he was not working for Michael Jackson, with some CNN readers posting comments online like, “Whether he is innocent or not, I would almost bet this man is gonna be found guilty. When people like Michael Jackson die like that, someone is taking the blame, no matter what the case.”

Comments on the BBC website read like this, “Bizarre. A crazy man that lives life completely unrestrained by sense or wisdom dies as a result of an overdose of a demanded sedative, the administering doctor is found guilty of manslaughter and the crowd shouts ‘guilty.’ The world has gone mad.”

Another poster wrote, “Whilst there is no doubt Jackson was an extremely talented man, I can’t help but think Murray has been held out to dry publicly in the name of a scape goat to satisfy a “someone must pay” mentality.”

Over the years a number of other figures like Murray have been accused of taking advantage of the pop star. The ruthless family of Jordy Chandler couldn’t wait to settle out of court over their accusations. Fans have also called out the numerous anonymous “handlers” that surrounded the troubled Jackson during the his last years, onlookers called out Jackson’s own father for continuing to shrug off the singer’s allegations of abuse. Some say that after Martin Bashir in 2005 claiming to be a “friend” featured the star in a documentary that was the basis for new child molestation charges regarding Gavin Arvizo, MJ was never the same again.

A lot these people didn’t stop MJ’s heart from beating but are still roaming the earth after looking for a payday from the artist whilst doing as much damage, clearly Murray’s payday came with a different kind of price…a few months in jail by the looks of things.


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