Purfeckt: ‘Caps Lock’ – M.I.A + ‘Ricky’ – Uffie

There are two ‘alternative’ Hip Hop/Electro/Downbeat tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot lately, ‘Caps Lock’ from M.I.A and ‘Ricky’ from Uffie. For some reason they are both the last tracks on the albums they come from despite being the best cuts IMO.

Above you will find the British born visual artist/photographer/record producer/rapper/vocalist ‘Paper Planes’ star 36-year old Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam aka M.I A and below you will peep American but now Paris based singer/songwriter/rapper 24-year old Uffie.

These tracks aren’t new in any way I just think that they were sadly, largely ignored by the record company and artists themselves and wanted to share em. Produced by Blaqstarr ‘Caps Lock’ which is featured on M.I.A’s somewhat unfocused 2010 third album ‘MAYA’ as a bonus track is said to be about her struggles as a trailblazer and going against the norms whilst in the US.

I have no idea what ‘Ricky’ is about – still – but the quirky electro princess is clearly heard boasting about her skills as a rapper, letting her peers know that she is that bitch, “Fuck what you bitches saying, I got dope in my brain.” The track is taken from her 2010 effort ‘Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans’ and is produced by Feadz and J-Mat.

Lovin it. So Big.


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