Check This: Childish Gambino – CAMP

OK, so I’m a bit late with this one but I only got round to hearing this recently. I have a life…well kinda.

ANYHOO this Hip-Hop album dropped towards the end of last year to some acclaim, but IMO still much less than it deserves. Childish Gambino is the rap name of 28-year old Californian Donald Glover, who from what I understand has been around the block and then some in terms of the entertainment business. Admittedly his face was familiar to me upon first seeing the man himself, however you may know this comedian/musician from his role on US TV show ‘Community’ or as a writer on the fabo ’30 Rock.’

This is a pretty solid listen and I’m pretty chuffed to be bloggin about it, his style is a combination of Jeezy like aggression and a Lupe/Cudi-backpacker-the girls ignored me in school kinda flex. If you like anything by Kanye then you must add at least some of this LP to your playlists.

He already planning to follow up this set with another mixtape this year so it’s clearly onwards and upwards.

Have a gander at ‘Heartbeat’ below…


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