Got2Sayyyyy: Grimes – Visions

Say hello to Grimes everyone.

She is a 24-year old Canadian musician (real name Claire Boucher) who earlier this year put out her third studio album ‘Visions’ and it’s pretty much taken over my iPod. The LP is a dreamy mix of new wave, electronica and indie pop and I think some of y’all will like it. So I’m bloggin bout it.

I came across Boucher after months of stone worshiping the ‘Drive’ Soundtrack and exploring my love for post-club/chilled Dubstep – banging out artists like Mount Kimbie, Burial and Four Tet.

If you choose to listen to the lead single from the album ‘Obivion’ below from you will probably find it kinda “out-there”, cheeky but not groundbreaking – that’s because it’s NOT.

The album is really where you wanna go, so if your into New Look, The Weeknd or any other artists from this wave of Canadian lo-fi shiz we are being inundated with of late – maybe even if you kinda liked Drake’s ‘Take Care’ vibe – go and download…



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