Fanboy: A Summer Of Charlize Theron

Chances are if you catch up with me on any given day I’m at home with the TV, I would’ve watched at least one show about a serial killer.

…why, you ask? They just interest me.

Not the killing exactly – I am more interested in the process from clean-slate baby to seething, resentful adult slayer. I think that one can learn a lot from some of the worst examples of human life, their normally desolate childhoods and the subsequent grave mishandling of all that pain. So yeah, I’m all clued up about BTK, the Zodiac, Fred and Rose West, John Wayne Gacy and of course…Aileen Wuornos.

So back in the day when 36-year old South African actress Theron starred in 2003’s ‘Monster’, a film charting Wuornos’s rage fueled murder spree of seven men in Florida – I was underage and couldn’t see it. Recently after serendipitously catching Theron in a number of flicks including The Road (2009) and the brilliant Young Adult (2011) I moved on to the much hyped ‘Monster’ opposite Christina Ricci.

Without sounding too Fanboy I have decided Theron is the ultimate combination of beauty and actual talent. I know the film almost a decade old now but I’m also aware of Wuornos’s past and how it haunted her up till her execution in 2002. Like many before me have observed; Theron completely nailed the woman in this flick – and I personally agree that her performance in the Patty Jenkins movie is one of the best female on screen outings of all time.


So wiping all traces of ‘Æon Flux’ from our collective minds let’s all look forward to A Summer Of Charlize Theron who is set to appear in this year’s ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’

I’m ready for the sunshine…


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