Check This: Chronicle (2012) (No Spoilers)

Somehow this low-budget Sci-Fi/Drama flick starring Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan went over my head in February when it hit cinemas.

Yes, ‘Chronicle’ has been done many times before but everyone is talking about it, it performed well and so I figured I might as well hitch a ride on this bandwagon because this film is actually worth a watch.

The movie (which grossed $123 million worldwide on a $12 million budget) follows three US high school boys who after a cryptic visit to an underground cavern gain superpowers, this initially bonds the trio however they eventually find out how much of a curse great gifts can be…

The Josh Trank directed movie is really fresh and kinda similar to the wonderment that is monster movie ‘Cloverfield’ in that it’s comprised of handheld camera footage – mostly from the POV of our troubled protagonist Andrew Detmar who is battling the emotional trauma of a gravely ill mother and an abusive father.

Although I wish the film was called something else, the acting is mighty fine and I enjoyed the friendship the three struck up. I came across legitimate online complaints regarding the time spent in the movie on the boys casually wielding their gifts but it worked for me because they react to and explore their new found strengths in a way that was completely realistic to me.

‘Chronicle’ is a very…Facebook movie lol. It’s current and so does away with the traditional/Hollywood unfolding of a plot and thus seems tailored for my ADD generation. I’m sure some see it as fractured, amateur and messy but I’m glad that a sequel is already being written…


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