Check It (Olympic Special): Rustie – Glass Swords

I’m beginning to realise that this blogging shit actually has an influence on what people listen to – with word of mouth and all that jazz.

I’m listening to/or getting ready to listen to a lot of stuff at the moment. Apart from being pleasantly surprised by 2 Chainz latest and finally giving into Nicki Minaj I have been giving Dubstep dude Rustie’s latest album some spins.

Rustie (a.k.a. Russell Whyte) is coming straight outta Glasgow, and has been on the scene since 2007. He boasts a pretty large back catalogue with 2009 EP ‘Bad Science’ being a favourite among…y’know heads.

Like most people, I was late to discover Rustie (‘Glass Swords’ came out last October) and was exposed to his stuff via those Adidas ‘Take The Stage’ Olympics adverts, specifically the one featuring the delectable Ms. Jessica Ennis. The advert features his track ‘After Light’ taken from ‘Glass Swords’, and it’s hard not to fall for that single because it just sounds like London to me in the same way Burial’s ‘UK’ did.

The album is fairly strong, not a classic but I’m recommending it – which means that I think it has material well worth giving your precious time to hear.


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