In Defence Of Miley Cyrus + Rihanna #mytwocents

The Ladies

Everyone seems to be coming at these ladies. All the aftershocks and furore stemming from Cyrus’s MTV performance with Robin Thicke and the latest promo for Rih’s ‘Pour It Up’ have fuelled opinions from understandably scared/disgruntled mothers to pop royalty like Annie Lennox and Sinead ‘O’Connor…and so I thought I’d give #mytwocents.

I posted this on some website recently…

Well look both Miley and Rihanna at some point in their pasts felt they had to play by the rules of what a “good girl” should be. Whether those rules were enforced by their families or by larger society or both – I assume they were told to overlook their authentic desires for years and to smile and be “good” – to be worthy of recognition/praise…love.

Look at their Hannah Montana/”Music of the Sun” days for eg. So now getting older they are “reclaiming themselves” and their desires in extreme ways in an attempt to find BALANCE – in ways which I imagine also correspond to the ways and force in which they were “held down” all those years.

The problem is that although the process is clearly liberating for them (maybe healing?) NOT everyone has had their authentic self’s held down and so they couldn’t relate + people who don’t have an authentic relationship with the self NOW could NEVER understand what these ladies are doing or the processes they are undergoing –> which we are going to have to watch within the media for years to come btw because Miley is just getting started…


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