In Defence Of Miley Cyrus + Rihanna #mytwocents

The Ladies

Everyone seems to be coming at these ladies. All the aftershocks and furore stemming from Cyrus’s MTV performance with Robin Thicke and the latest promo for Rih’s ‘Pour It Up’ have fuelled opinions from understandably scared/disgruntled mothers to pop royalty like Annie Lennox and Sinead ‘O’Connor…and so I thought I’d give #mytwocents.

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KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

I actually started listening to the radio again after years of avoiding it like the plague and this year was exposed to a number of songs that I liked – so whereas last year I couldn’t even begin to answer the question ‘what are the best tracks of the year?’ this time round there are quite few to choose from and here are my ten picks from Twenty Twelve in no real order…

Some I listen to like church, others I just recognise are just straight up good tracks…

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F**k Me: Giving In To The…Minaj


Yes, she did it.

The black barbie made a convert out of someone who upon seeing the video for single ‘Your Love’ only a few years ago vomited a little bit in his mouth.

But she did it, can’t deny it.

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