Review: Fast Girls (2012)

With only weeks to go until the London Olympic Games UK movie ‘Fast Girls’ settles into the starting blocks to tell the story of a young sporting hopeful looking to make it big on the track.

Directed by award-winning young filmmaker Regan Hall (3 Hours) and produced by Damian Jones (The Iron Lady, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), ‘Fast Girls’ was co-scripted by Noel Clarke and I was lucky enough to attend an exclusive screening in Soho…

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Fanboy: A Summer Of Charlize Theron

Chances are if you catch up with me on any given day I’m at home with the TV, I would’ve watched at least one show about a serial killer.

…why, you ask? They just interest me.

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Sad Face: UK MC Lowkey ‘Retires’

I remember going to see Hip Hop artist Lowkey live in London a few years ago to review a gig of his for an arts center, and what I felt oh-so-strongly after this show was that his perspective (whether I agreed with the details or not) on life, culture and world affairs needed to be heard by an even wider audience.

So earlier in the week I was kinda pissed off upon finding out that the 25-year old (real name Kareem Dennis) had chosen to retire in order to concentrate on his studies.


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